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R A D I O H E A D _ t r i b u t e

•April 7, 2009 • 11 Comments

Well, Radiohead is one of my favorite bands in the world…
A few days ago, they were in Buenos Aires giving a live concert, and obviously I had the duty of being there hehe.
It was an epic show, terrific, outstanding. No words for describing.
So I decided to make a very special painting and a time lapse video with the digital process, but with a style of editing different of my previous works. This is my tribute to the band and the fans. Hope you enjoy it.


MEGAN FOX (and Bumblebee)

•February 5, 2009 • 50 Comments

Hope you like this one.
Digital work and some photorealism. A couple of layers in Photoshop.


Caricature of WOLVERINE

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More realism, more girls.

•January 26, 2009 • 10 Comments

underwear girls

Hi again people. These are some images of a project I was working last month for BCM,  a company from Australia, which made the new campaign of “Triumph”.
I made three photo realistic digital illustration and the speed painting process of a girl with different models of underwear.
To watch the final result and the campaign, check here.


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Happy 2009!

AMY WEBER – back to photorealism.

•November 7, 2008 • 30 Comments

Hi people. This is my new digital painting, and as you can see, it is like my previous works, this kind of photorealism that you like and you ask for. So, I hope you enjoy it.
Photoshop technique, with digital tablet as always.
See you later.



•October 7, 2008 • 19 Comments

I was bored and decided to do a new caricature. Now is the turn of a legend: Chuck Norris. Many people asked me: Why him? And I said: Why not?

Some of his facts:
“Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird”
“Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding”
“Chuck Norris counted to infinity… Twice”
“When the Boggeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris”

So… Enough reasons to paint him. Enjoy the process.

HOUSE MD _ caricature

•September 27, 2008 • 22 Comments

Take a look to the caricature of Doctor House. Hope you like it.

Also you can watch the process of the digital painting. (Photoshop & tablet, default brushes and four layers) The music of the video is “Weapon of choice” by FatBoy Slim.