~ by nicodimattia on July 31, 2009.

10 Responses to “M.J.”

  1. Good job!! I’m your fan and in the future I hope to paint like you!

  2. I remember him very much

  3. awesome…

  4. very nice work… rest in peace MJ…

  5. You are absolutely amazing… I can’t believe you can achieve that with the use of a tablet an Photoshop. I’m affraid I need at least 2 lifes to master that! Keep up the work…

    Kind regards,

    Eric (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


  7. Thats awesome I enjoyed it.

  8. Ciao i tuoi disegni sono stupendi!! Volevo sapere se eri italiano!! Dal nome, sembra proprio di si!!

  9. Hola,
    Es increible, tendria que comentar en cada articulo que pones, pero aprovecho del hecho de que soy fan de MJ para agradecerte por el arte que compartes con nosotros.
    Por favor sigue dandonos orgasmos visuales. Quisiera que TU tengas el titulo honorifico de “mano de Dios”, lo mereceres mucho mas que uno de tus compatriotas 😉

    Paul (Francés viviendo en Mexico)

  10. Please avoid to use commercial music, because here in Germany, many Videos are not watchable because YouTube block them because of copyright restrictions. Also this video and half of your other videos.

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