MEGAN FOX (and Bumblebee)

Hope you like this one.
Digital work and some photorealism. A couple of layers in Photoshop.



~ by nicodimattia on February 5, 2009.

50 Responses to “MEGAN FOX (and Bumblebee)”

  1. Are there versions of this in a larger resolution? I’d love to use this as my desktop wallpaper!

  2. AH bueno!1 en cuerpo completo es otra cosa ganadore bumblebee jajaj

  3. Its a amazing work. I wish i can do that to.
    You give me so much inspiration.
    Thank you for that

    lg Calvin

  4. Hola man, intente comunicarme contigo pero no me contestaste (via e-mail)

    Tengo una pregunta ya que me intruga mucho, tu lo haces por capas o todo en 1??? me gustaria ver como realizas uno de estos increibles trabajos.

    • Thanks for the comments folks.

      Gracias Victor por pasarte. Saludos

      RazVi: Son varias capas las que uso. Una para el fondo, otra para el personaje otra para ropa, etc. Va a depender de lo que quieras hacer. Saludos.

  5. Wow ^^
    Really beautiful girl and really beauty’ creation.

    Good continuation. 😉

  6. Bueno man, en primer lugar decirte que me siento muy… euphorico digamos por contestarme y poder, por primera vez, comunicarme contigo. Pues veras, yo te pregunte en el e-mail que que tipo de brushes usas. Ya vi que los basico y, si no me equivoco, con diferentes opacidades. Pero yo tengo una duda y que nunca consigo saber como se hace… ¿ Como haces los bordes rectos? Es decir… que el color se quede, por ejemplo, en el brazo y que forme bien la figura. Gracias y mirare a ver si me contestas. Quiero dedicarme, o empezar, con esto de los artworks y que mejor que preguntarle al maestro.

  7. qué control!
    Con el tiempo se creería que trabajas aún más rápidamente…
    ¿una impresión/cuánto hora para este dibujo?
    pronto podrás dibujar hologramas
    excusa mí para mi español en mis comentarios soy un robot protocolario al principio.
    bip bip blup blup… May the force be with you

  8. impresionante man
    haces unos trabajos muy bonitos, parecen fotos reales dioss….me encanta la verdad

    utilizas el Photoshop ? si asi es, que version es ? ….. me gustaria poder hacer algo similar, dioss te havra llevado años de practica, verdad ?

  9. cool work. I liked it very much

  10. Me encantan tus trabajos. Eres la inspiración de mucha gente. A ver si alguna vez te animas a hacer un tutorial para los q queremos aprender.

  11. ca cé du travaille cé toi le meilleur

  12. Hola nico, de nuevo te felicito ese pedazo de trabajo es increible y muy proporcionado, realmente no se como haces. Te hag una pregunta por si vos sabes de tutoriales para entender las tecnicas de photoshop para pintar bien, es q me gusta usar blender y quiero pintar bien los modelos.

  13. damn dude, trhat’s amazing!
    a lot of love went into that i can tell 😉

  14. Muchísimas gracias a todos por sus palabras. Son muy valoradas. Ah, si tienen dudas, muchas de sus preguntas estan respondidas en el FAQ (mmm sí está en inglés, pero algo se entiende, tiene un lenguaje muy básico) Ya con el tiempo lo actualizaré con más respuestas. Cualquier otra cuestión en el blog http// hago respuestas mas personalizadas.

    Thanks so much for all your words. Really appreciated.
    If you have any doubt, please check the FAQ section. I´ll be updating it soon by the way.

  15. Fantastic Nico!! There is no doubt, you are the best!

  16. I’m really impressioned! U’re a God for me!

  17. This is unrealllll ! if i want to start doing this thing what can u suggest ? Thx

  18. this is hot 😀 very nice ill enjoyed the video 🙂

  19. Your work is very cool and very good. You are the new type of art.

  20. Very Inspirational, me and my College Games Development class loved your work, as a personal note I thought the picture above the video was a photo you had worked off of.(before I read it was the end result)

    Bravo and Please keep it up its a joy just to watch your work and you have a great taste in music that suits each of your speed drawings/paintings.

    Kindest Regards,
    Thomas Hyde (UK College Student)

  21. Hi there from Ukraine. I’m your big fan (= I want to say, that what you’re doing is splendid. I whish I could painting so good as you. Will you give me some hit?

  22. What soundtrack is it?

  23. It is tou simply splendid I would say even more. I sui a big fan, thank you still for the plaisire of the eyes that in I look at your writings.

  24. Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

  25. Nico, is it possible for you to provide us with a higher resolution picture download?

  26. Nicco una pregunta… como ya sabras soy tu seguidor aqui fiel y presente y como ya te dije me iva a comprar una tableta. Ya la tengo pero… ¿Como demonios configuro el ps (cs3) para la presion del lapiz?

  27. Great work!!!! It’s amazing…

  28. Awesome work.Can you please tell me how much time did you take to make this one.And what study should i know before starting doing these kinds of paintings.

  29. Your work is truly unbelievable. I have photoshop myself. I use it to color my drawings ie. Superhero sturr usually. I never thought of trying portraits with it. Amazing d(^_^)b

  30. amazing work, where do you work btw, I am sure you could get a great job anywhere you wanted as a concept artist, so amazing.

  31. great drawings man, yuo have an excellent technique!

  32. WOW!You’ve done a great job here.

  33. How did you add those skin texture(little grains)?

  34. damn youre a god! love your work, you badass machine ;D

  35. Owhhh…Coolll..AMAZING….You are the best of the best…The Master Of Painting and adobe Photoshop…

  36. Coool! best of the best )

  37. I’m looking forward to Jennifer’s Body. Megan had no real meaty scenes in How to lose friends and alienate people. And in Transformers she was pretty much mute.

    Shes also up for the role of Leila in Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin.
    She would be a perfect Wonder Woman thought! 🙂

  38. Wow man this is AMAZING !! You totaly rock !! 😛 Hoe long did it take you to finish it ??

  39. hello,i`m brazilian and I like many of his works and was wondering if you could not make the videos in a higher quality … you UPA on YouTube,but also upa in a format such as AVI or RMVB to a server as the easy-share or others. is just a idea.^^

  40. It looks so real :O
    I’m trying the same but it is harder than it looks 😀
    Really god work, can’t wait for more video’s

  41. losing hair that is located on right!
    wonderful your drawing


  42. what is the song of your splendid work?^^

  43. Hey Nico!



  44. Oh my… that’s awesome… i can’t take my eyes off from the finished picture 😀

  45. superr 🙂

  46. **Speechless*** Absolutely amazing stuff. Yes, totally speechless. Megan is hot!

  47. […] […]

  48. It’s amazing. I have no words… Man you really do amazing things.

  49. Du grand art, tout simplement génial, je suis un grand fan !

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