More realism, more girls.

underwear girls

Hi again people. These are some images of a project I was working last month for BCM,  a company from Australia, which made the new campaign of “Triumph”.
I made three photo realistic digital illustration and the speed painting process of a girl with different models of underwear.
To watch the final result and the campaign, check here.


~ by nicodimattia on January 26, 2009.

10 Responses to “More realism, more girls.”

  1. Pufff… dan ganas de que sean de verdad! 😉

    Estuve pispeando un poco el blog y es increíble todo… muy bueno tu retorno a las caricaturas, una vuelta a los viejos tiempos.

    Un abrazo desde las Uropas!

  2. me like=)

    theres no need of real models and cameras anymore xD
    just “use” nico to get the work done

  3. You are a machine xD
    Very good jobs
    Saludos desde Chule

  4. hummm…. el concepto es muy interesante, las mujeres también!

  5. No video ?

    really beauty’ =D

    Good job. ^^

  6. Why it doesn’n have Vidieo ?
    Really beauty’ :))

  7. you´re amazing, i´m ur FAN #1
    Están chingocisimas tus ilustraciones, gracias por subirlas a you tube, me encantan, te he seguido hace años, eres mi ilustrador favorito fuera de México.
    Saludos desde acá en México.

  8. Brilliant work! I’m a graphic designer from Australia, and also wedding photography for a bit of extra cash. I also love illustration, and you are just amazing! I have been deciding to get Graphics tablet, I think I must! Your work on this campaign was brilliant! Good work and keep it up, maybe we can work together someday!


  9. Lots of improvement from 2007! You’re a pro! My class used your first youtube video as an example of e-fame in art and illustration. I’ll let it be known that the fame is now well deserved.

  10. Well done how many years you have finished school for These occupation

    And trusted not possible without thumbs.bravoo

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