AMY WEBER – back to photorealism.

Hi people. This is my new digital painting, and as you can see, it is like my previous works, this kind of photorealism that you like and you ask for. So, I hope you enjoy it.
Photoshop technique, with digital tablet as always.
See you later.



~ by nicodimattia on November 7, 2008.

30 Responses to “AMY WEBER – back to photorealism.”

  1. X Dios bendito!!!!!!
    Aun tengo la boca abierta…
    Para mi eres un genio.Ya tengo otro speedpaint para hartarme de verlo.

  2. WOW! I am a big fan of hers. Very nicely done.

  3. Wow thats Rly Awesome :O She is hot 🙂 Awesome work Nico

  4. She is so beautiful and your work is awe inspiring!! One of your best

  5. She’s much cuter than firewoman leads.

  6. Hace tiempo que sigo tus trabajos, y realmente son brillantes. Fueron estos los que me inspiraron para retomar la pasión por el dibujo, que había olvidado hace tantos años. Por eso, te estaré eternamente agradecido.

  7. Muchas gracis por sus comentarios!!
    Many thanks for your comments!!

  8. felicitaciones por otro gran trabajo

  9. Esaaaaaaa!!! chabon! sos lo mas grosso que he visto. Soy un fanatico de tus trabajos, ojala pudiese aprender a utilizar el photoshop como lo haces vos pero me es imposible y mas aun con el mouse jajajaja
    Aguante el Fernetttttttt!!! saludossss!!!

  10. please tell me the name of the song

  11. You never fail to amaze me. You are easily my favorite photoshop artist. Any chance you could make some kind of tutorial or something about the brushes, size and modifications you use?

  12. hi

  13. Hi Honey…your new speed painting is awesome…as ususal…you are so talented but I think I have told you that about 100 times before…

  14. Heyyy Nick,

    Its great work, mate. Lovely blog too. I am a follower now. Can I blogroll ya?


  15. exelente, ojala yo tuviera los recursos para hacer eso.

    Muy buen trabajo. Felicidades.

  16. very nice!
    do you know this web site?:
    it is very professional web site for digital painting

  17. Gosto bastante dos teus speedpaintings, parabéns está fantástico.

    Espero que entendas o que estou a dizer 😉

  18. хаха вы дебилы!!!!!!!

  19. I live in Ukrein

  20. Sweet!

  21. He visto mucho de tu trabajo de speed painting en internet.. felicitaciones, muy buen trabajo!..

  22. It is seldom that I actually look at digital art, but I must say that this is truly exceptional work. I can also see why a lot of people enjoy it. Keep up the great work.

  23. She is really beautiful Nico….

  24. Nico, I love you and your art, but this one isn’t as good as your other masterpieces, I loved your Chuck Norris one.

  25. Hey, beautifully done as always! Could you explain why you have started painting the images in black and white at first and then filling in the color?

  26. Keep up the good work Nicco!
    I’ve found your work on Youtube first and my son used to love watching the video where you draw spiderman. He still loves it!
    Best Wishes,

  27. sei un genio dell immagine!!

  28. which programm do you use

  29. Its fantastik butiful!!!!!!!!!

  30. realy nise iam dutch and joe work is realy nise

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