HOUSE MD _ caricature

Take a look to the caricature of Doctor House. Hope you like it.

Also you can watch the process of the digital painting. (Photoshop & tablet, default brushes and four layers) The music of the video is “Weapon of choice” by FatBoy Slim.


~ by nicodimattia on September 27, 2008.

22 Responses to “HOUSE MD _ caricature”

  1. what tablet do you use?

  2. after gouvernator it’s excellent! the caricature… huuumm… new direction of your works? may the force be with you…
    a french fan

  3. OMG. You are my idol. The only thing is missing is the hole for the second button.. ;)’ perfect.
    a brasilian fan. xD

  4. sei veramente bravo.. sono anche iscritto al tuo canale su youtube.. xke mi piacciono i tuoi lavori!!!

  5. I love the show House, and this picture looks exactly like Hugh Laurie. Awesome job!!

  6. O.O.. dibujas muy bien ,pero…. cuando tenga 14 te alcanzare !!!

  7. Nice work!!

  8. Mike: Mousepen 8×6

    Millot Gerald: Thanks.Yep, caricatures are a funny stuff and I enjoy doing them.

    Nina:Tnx! (I already fixed the button hehe)

    Gracias… y bueno…suerte.

    Kiko, Belinda & Javier:
    thanks for your comments!

  9. I love House and i love this. My “thing” is caricatures, so i appreciate these postings big time.

  10. your caricatures are beautiful ! can you do a caricature of the singer of radiohead ? please ^^

  11. Wow this is amazing, im completely imppresed by your work 🙂

  12. I can’t believe you did this in just under 4 minutes!

    • ummm…actually the video is sped up… you don’t wanna upload an hour long vid on youtube now do you? 😛

      It still doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this drawing is brilliant…

  13. amazing, you’ve got talent! keep it up

  14. what is the program (qual è il programma ke usi)?

  15. Красава! в короле так рисовать! молодца!

  16. Cool! I wish I’d knew how to draw on tablet like you! Maybe you have some tutorials? 🙂

  17. Puxa que excelente trabalho!
    Inda mais do queridão do house! hahah

    Obg por ter passado no meu cantinho!

  18. Would you be availible for some commission work? We have a web store at cafepress and I would like to do some work with you for some of our products.

    If you could email me I would appreciate it. Cheers!

  19. astig!!…

  20. caspita…sei veramente bravo! 🙂

  21. great wrk sir.well go onnn

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