Joker & The Dark Knight

A free version of these two characters of the movie “The Dark Knight”.
Photoshop and digital tablet.


~ by nicodimattia on July 13, 2008.

24 Responses to “Joker & The Dark Knight”

  1. Amazing as always, this one is now my favorite, love batman begins and I know Dark Knight is going to be even better. Anyways keep up the good work

  2. OMG, how do you do that, it’s amazing. Really cool work of art. Keep it up!

  3. hi, please tell me, what tablet do you use? or what tablet do you recommend

  4. […] Enlace: Joker & The Dark Knight. […]

  5. impressive!

  6. Alright friend All i got to say is How much for the art? lol I WOULD BUY IT FROM YOU!

  7. Buenísimo, me encantó. Siga así. Saludos desde el sur

  8. AWESOMENESS! dude! yu’ve got sum skillz! i need one of those drawing pad things so i can try that. i’ve done one drawing on a clown named jack from Halloween Horror Nights, but nothing like this!

  9. hi i just love ur work and im from portugal just for u to no there are many fans here hu love ur work.
    thank you for ur work its an inspiration to mi and me friends

  10. I’m speechless I just found your artwork today on youtube and I was sitting in my chair in aw! and I would just like you to know that you are an inspiration to young artists like me! I love your work, keep it up!

  11. Cool, i just wanna say your work is genius! I’m left speechless every time. It would be good if you did some tutorials tho, I really wanna learn how to do this

  12. Thats really amazing :]
    I love the movie, and I love your drawing 😛

  13. Omg I love it!

  14. Why do you keep naming this speed painting… its nice, but IT IS NOT SPEED PAINTING.

    I would name it acelerated painting by video edition.

    This is speed painting:

  15. Very Nice Work! I Love Batman The Dark Knight.

  16. Simplemente Dios! Talento unico!!! amo de la tableta!

  17. Wow! Color me impressed! (no pun intended 😛

  18. WOW!!.. This is simply amazing!! :O
    Great Work 😀 (Thumbs Up!)

  19. You need to get that web store up, I’d love to buy prints of some or your work, they’re amazing!

  20. I HATE YOU 🙂

  21. Thanks for your comments!! I appreciate them a lot!

  22. We love your work in France!

  23. i man! that’s the best! where can i get this? lol i want it as my background desktop!

  24. hola soy diana de colombia de verdad me asombra la creatividad q tienen veo por primera ves este arte tan exentrico me gusta mucho el de meganfox los felicito esta pagina esta buenisima chao

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