Live Presentation in Taipei

On last June I was in Computex 2008 doing live performances. Computex is a huge technology trade show in Taiwan, in where a lot of brands expose their newest products. In this case, the brand “Genius KYE” (wich makes computer peripherals) invited me there to do a presentation and some illustrations with their digital tablets. They built a special section with three monitors and heavy sound in their booth to me and it was really, really cool. I did a lot of nice paintings (in real time) and a “live speed painting” of a famous taiwanese girl, who was the main host in the shows. The media and a massive public enjoyed more than 3 days of live presentations.
Here is a video about those performances and you´ll see part of the process of the speedpainting, and of course, me doing it with the Genius digital tablet.


See more about the show clicking HERE.



~ by nicodimattia on July 4, 2008.

11 Responses to “Live Presentation in Taipei”

  1. one of the greatest work i have ever seen

  2. hi, what tablet do you use? or what tablet do you recommend

  3. Genial, un verdadero maestro

  4. Felicitaciones por el viaje, y tremendo trabajazo con el arte. Y que tal el tablet Genius, comparado con los Wacom? Worth it?

  5. First of all… I have to admit that your artworks are just amazing and everybody can see that you’re a PRO in (digital) painting…
    Congratulations on that… you have a great touch for making such natural shadows with no problems and your details often get me an OMG effect…

    And I would also like to know which tablet do you use, which do you think is good or recommend??
    (I’m 16, doing art for a couple of years, looking forward to buy a Wacom Cintiq 12WX…)

  6. I’m also doing live presentations tomorrow at the Comex 2008 in Singapore, and I’m just 15 XD

  7. (…) of a famous Taiwanese girl…whose name I can’t remember…XD
    j/k man, those are some awesome speed painting there.

  8. on the video is your tablet an aiptek 600 U? because i have the same ^^

  9. genial,Nico,you are Great!!!

  10. j’aime beaucoup ce que tu fais!! C’est trés professionnel, bonne continuation.

  11. Sos un capo vieja! Te felicito de verdad!
    Un groso. Tus trabajos me parecen excelentes.
    Dale para adelante maestro!

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