This is my free version of “Solid Snake”, the main character from the video game “Metal Gear Solid”. All the process done in Photoshop with a digital tablet. It has about 10 layers and a couple of hours of working in the little details.


~ by nicodimattia on June 17, 2008.

20 Responses to “SOLID SNAKE”

  1. Your work is incredible, absolutely breathtaking… But please could you show a demonstration / tutorial in shading or skin tone and how you do it. It’s the only part I struggle with in paintings. If you want i’ll e-mail you some of my work but please take into consideration what I said about a tutorial video. Surely i’m not alone when I say alot of people would thank you for it.

  2. Yes. I am missing those tutorials you where speaking about. ^^

    Nice work 🙂

  3. you are the BEST .. ^^

  4. Preety good!

  5. Hello Nicco,
    Inspired on your work, I tried to make a video called “Speed Corel” (Maked in COrel Draw). I’ve been followed you since your first videos. I’m your really fan. So, I hope you wacht it.
    The link of video is:

  6. This would have to be my favorite one out of all of the other one you have done so far. You are great at what you do =)

  7. Woow your work is incredyble ! *o*
    you can send me your work please ( ) , i am from chile 😀 and I want impress your work to stick in my bethroom *o* is amazing your work congratulations 😉

  8. you…are….god!

  9. tu trabajo es impresionante Nico, eres un artistazo. Oye, deberias colgar tus videos en uena calidad en alguna pagina donde los podamos descargar.
    Un saludo y sigue dibujando asi de bien.

  10. Incredible as alway.

  11. 2 hours ! It’s very impressive !
    I like to draw like this !

    (Sorry for my english, I’m french)

  12. Awsome! But please create a tutorial! And what digital tablet and photoshop do you use?

  13. very nice indeed! 🙂

  14. Holy Shit 😀 Damn Nice

  15. Beau travail;) j’adore ce que tu fais!
    Continue comme cela:)

  16. I love your drwings.
    There i a detail i missed though.
    two words eyepatch

  17. Hey man! Awesome work! I am pursuing a career in the graphic designing area and I just wanted to say that your works inspire me to keep trying when I am frustrated that my art didn’t come out as well as I would have like. Thanks a ton for showing us your work, I hope to continue to watch you flesh out some more!!!

  18. mui bueno el juego y el video mmmmmmm igual de mucha accion dale ???
    agregenme ese en me msm dale xauuu

  19. Im glad you decided to go with the smoke instead of the machine gun. Made it more personal. Any chance that you will make wallpapers? I like this and the house caricature the best. Thanks!

  20. This was just pure awesomeness keep on making stuff like that.
    Maybe you could do a picture wis the characters of the Legacy of kain series :).
    The music was awesome, too.^^

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