Hi again! I´m back with this new speedpainting!.  About the technic specs, it has 14 layers on Photoshop, six hours of working, and the background music is from Black Sabbath and Stratovarius as well.
Enjoy it, and see you soon! 


~ by nicodimattia on January 9, 2008.

29 Responses to “IRONMAN”

  1. La tabla grafica que sale en “contact” es la que usas vos? si es asi tenés exactamente la misma “genius” que yo! lastima que aun me quede mucho camino para poder llegar a tu nivel.
    Un saludo y suerte!

  2. buenísimo

  3. Another incredible masterpiece

  4. damn that’s to good

  5. You have quickly become my favorite artist. Your comic style is really cool and the photo shop work needs no words.
    Is there any other artist’s that you like and would also recomend to check out?

  6. Love this. Great work!
    I wish I could paint aswell…

  7. wow this looks just great!

  8. excelente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’ve never seen anything like this! Straordinario!

  10. Nico! he visto muchos speed paintings y tengo que decirte que tus trabajos son maravillosos, no solo por el talento a la hora de pintar sino en su globalidad, eliges la banda sonora apropiada en ritmos y matices y articulas el trabajo en una atenta y prolija edición. Felicidades. Voy a postear un poco sobre vos y tu obra en uno de mis blogs así que me pondré en contacto a la brevedad. Saludos desde La Docta!!

  11. Without any questions i think that your one of the best artist what i’ve seen. I would love to see PSDs of your work.

    Ps. What tablle you use?

  12. man.. you´re awesome !! I´m your fan dude… congrtats for the new site it´s really good 😀 !!!

  13. Sos un capo, te odio.
    Fuera de joda, maestro, lo tuyo es un espectáculo. Un abrazo.

  14. Meravigliosi lavori!!!
    Anche io vorrei imparare! Perchè non fai un tutorial sulla tua tecnica? Sarebbe davvero utile a tanti!!!!
    Sei bravissimo!!!!!

  15. Hi Nico, another wonderful paint! congrats for new site but why in your old site there isn’t a news or redirect for the new site? i’ve find this for a chance…..

  16. Nico, you make it seem so easy! every speedpainting is a pleasure to watch!

  17. es impresionante tu trabajo , todavia no puedo creer que seas Argentino. te felicito . tengo una preguntita y si podes responderme te re agradeceria . que tipo de brush usas en photoshop? o me recomendas algun tutorial o algo? muchisimas gracias y segui asi porque nose ve mucho aca esto es unico.

  18. Wonderful work! I really admire your skills as an artist. Your paintings really come alive! You really seem to have no problems with the backgrounds or anything! I have still much to learn…
    I’m waiting for the tutorials! =)

  19. Hi
    Like Everyone say, Wonderful, Gorgeous, fantastic and all adjectives that add something in this way to all your works.

    I work with photoshop doing lot of things like flyer’s, folders, logo and all, but I hadn’t saw someone who use this tool like you so perfectly.

    Can you by some magical way teach your secrets to paint like this?

    I saw all your works, first one that I saw was Tom Yorke. Did you make some pact with the Devil? Coz you still upgrading your style and painting, how can you do this?

    I’m your fan


  20. EXCELENTE !… GENIAL !!! ….. muchas felicidades desde Monterrey, México

  21. A tutorial on youtube where you show how you make your drawings would be nice. 🙂

  22. Buenas, prefiero tus dibujos de persoanjes reales, pero realmente, impresionante…


  23. hi!!!

    all of your paintings are amazing.
    But i’ve got a question.
    Where I can study that kind of painting???
    Some kind of school or what??
    Please answer!!!

    Thank you so much!!

  24. WOW, great pic!!! i want to set this AWESOME picture as my wallpaper, but i understand why u don’t put it for download.

    Anyway, u a nice painter! and for me it doesnt matter speed painting or not. just realy like your pictures, and this one too

  25. Nico,

    This is a great piece and the presentation is excellent. Any tutorials on the Horizon? Would you be interested in selling a copy of the process shown at regular speed?

    Take care,


  26. Hey Nico!!!
    Im a New fan!, your my Hero! this is what Art is all about ! ^_^ always will check out your site!

    Smiles 🙂

  27. ZLO!!!!

  28. cazzo!!! god can’t draw like you..!!:) fantastic!

  29. My 2-year old son is in love with Iron Man and loves watching your speed painting…

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