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Before you take a look at my work, you should know what is a “Speed Painting”.
Obviously, there are many definitions of this kind of art, but actually on the Internet, Speed Paintings are known as a time-lapse video featuring the construction of an image. It is primarily a digital art form whereby the image is hand-drawn and rendered using a tablet and graphics editor such as Photoshop or Painter. The artist may use his imagination or take direct inspiration from a live scene, but will typically choose to recreate an image depicted in a photograph. Whilst the image is in production, every single action on the computer screen is automatically captured and compiled into a real-time video. That recording, which begins with a blank background and ends with the completed piece, then undergoes an editing process. The video is accelerated by a factor of between forty and sixty, components are added or removed and it is also given an appropriate soundtrack. The finished SpeedPainting, which may have taken the artist more than five hours altogether, will usually last little more than three and a half minutes – the average length of a song.
In few words: is the “Behind the Scenes” of an illustration.


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